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We use Matomo (formerly Piwik) to rate the use of our website. By evaluating the topics visited, we optimize our range of information. In our data protection declaration, you will find the following information under "Matomo (formerly: PIWIK)" .

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So that our website can be found more easily on the Internet, we also involve external advertising partners (who knows the best ...).

If you have accidentally activated cookies, you will find the cookie notice in the bottom left corner of our website, or use

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Further information for those interested:

A "web cookie" is first and foremost a small text file that is saved on the visitor's computer by the web server via the internet browser. Why? HTTP (s) is a "connectionless" protocol, after the transmission of the information (text, images, script code, formatting information, etc.) the connection between Internet browser and web server typically ends. Calling up a menu item (https link) creates a new connection from the Internet browser to the server. For the web server, the client appears like a completely new visitor.

The web server uses a cookie to remember what the visitor has already selected.

So far so harmless.

However, unwanted information can also be stored in cookies. Especially if these can be tracked across multiple web servers.

We do not use exactly such cookies and also recommend that you refuse such cookies,

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