Pain therapy after Hock

Pain therapy after Hock

Pain is a warning signal of the body. Regardless of the cause, every pain leads to tension in the muscles. This causes additional pain that causes more muscle tension. The pain spiral begins ...
If it is constantly present, pain becomes unbearable, it makes no more joy to live, to move, to do the work and to participate in the social life. First of all, tablets or syringes cause relief from pain. Well, if your problem is solved then!
An alternative may be squat pain therapy, an effective therapy to eliminate pain:
    • by stretching exercises, to counter tendon and muscle shortening and so to achieve pain relief by relieving the joints
    • by a muscle pressure point treatment, where we reach the pain receptors with our hands. A tension compensation of the musculature is achieved and the pain noticeably diminishes
    • by creating a holistic therapy concept for your personal pain symptoms, taking into account the existing acute and chronic diseases
    • we are on the way out of your personal pain story. Which way is right for you personally, we need your cooperation - almost always there are one or more physical causes. The aim is to clarify influences of restraint, small accidents, infections, nutrition, metabolism and psychological aspects, so that you can live painlessly


22 October 2019


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