Using Tapes

Using Tapes

A therapy concept against pain!
You feel it immediately: A tape supports and relieves - it can relieve pain, stimulate blood circulation and lymph flow, dissolve blockages and tensions and improve mobility.
You remain fully mobile with the flexible tapes! With a tape you can and should move, you can shower and do sports.

Elastic tapes are glued over muscles, joints, acupuncture points and meridians. The adhesive tapes are elastic and do not restrict freedom of movement. The right colour is important, red, blue, yellow and green are used, there are also black, white, orange, purple, pink and beige tapes, which are based on the theory of colours, according to which each colour has a certain effect.

Patients with very sensitive skin may experience an allergic reaction to the tape. In case of itching, burning or redness, the tape is very easy to remove: it is moistened with water or oil and can then be gently removed from the skin.

Important to know:
    The highly stretchable tape consists of cotton fabric, the adhesive surface is coated with breathable and hypoallergenic acrylic resin and contains no other ingredients or medication.
    Before the adhesive is applied, the cause of the pain must be determined and the muscles relaxed. The elastic strips are bonded directly to the skin.
    The success of the treatment depends on the selection of suitable tapes and the right technique - we will be happy to advise you! Glue one against the pain - but right!


22 October 2019


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