Phytotherapy is one of the earliest therapeutic methods. The oldest book on medicinal plants is 5000 years old and comes from China.

In its current combination of empirical medicine and the results of modern medicinal plant research, it can be seen as an alternative to chemically synthetic drugs. Medicinal plants are used for the prevention and treatment of diseases, as basic and accompanying therapy. The medicines, from tea to dragee, from ointment to infusion, are highly effective. The exact dosage and correct application are therefore important.

Medicinal herbs must not be absent in the kitchen as spices and tea, they are used gladly in the bath additive and hair shampoo, for wraps and compresses. As capsules, drops, tinctures, oil and wound ointments, herbal active ingredients can be found in almost every medicine cabinet.

And we are sure that the old saying that (almost) every disease can be treated with an herb has its justification.


22 October 2019


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