Schussler’s salts

Schussler’s salts

The German physician Dr. med. Wilhelm Heinrich Schussler developed the healing method of biochemistry - the chemistry of life. Schussler assumed that every mineral in the body has its tasks and that a balanced ratio of salts is important for health. Diseases arise when one of the minerals is not sufficiently available.
12 Schussler's tissue remedies, which are now supplemented by 15 other remedies, can strengthen the body's self-regulating powers with their healing power. They can have a soothing effect on acute illnesses and help to become and stay healthy. They are often combined and intensify their effect.
The intake is unproblematic: simply melt in the mouth - a lactose or gluten allergy is no obstacle, because the salts are available in a suitable form.
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22 October 2019


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